Kemmyé was born Jessica Robinson a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles, CA , she was raised in Houston,TX.At a young age Jessica has always been into music performing at talent shows and church events.By the age of 10 she began writing songs as a self-taught individual. 

In the spring of 2012 she made a demo cd of her original songs. This is where she gained more experience in the recording Studio. Her musical influences are Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Aaliyah. 

“My long term career goal in music is to singing as long as I can and leave a great legacy for artist and many artists to come. What I have to offer musically is music that people of any age can relate to without any age barrier to what the song is about,” she says. 

“I’m a very ambitious person I work hard for what I want and I want it the way I visualize it”. “I would not settle for the good my standards are to be outstanding”, she says. It’s a journey soon to unfold.